Yamaha PSS-270 Sample Pack



Yamaha PSS-270 Samples (Sample Pack)

The Yamaha PSS-270 was released in 1986. It has 100 preset sounds created with a 2-operator FM synthesizer chip (YM2413). It has a few effects built-in: sustain, vibrato, portamento, and stereo symphonic as well as 10 basic beats.

This sample pack was made in my studio and is a single middle C note of each instrument as well as the beats and single drum hits of kick, snare, hat, and ride. It was recorded through my API 3124+ preamps through my RME Fireface 800 into Ableton.

Sample Pack contents:
100 single note samples of every preset sound (no effects)
10 loops of the drum accompaniment
4 single drum samples chopped from the loops: kick, snare, hi-hat and ride

Total: 114 stereo samples in WAV format at 44.1k 16bit

Here’s a quick sample I made with a few of the sounds:


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