Digitakt Sample Pack – Deep Minimal Experimental Ambient



This sample pack is perfect if you’re into experimental ambient or deep minimal type stuff. Influenced by artists such as Jan Jelinek and Murcof this is a great little pack to get some darker type sounds into your songs. I made this pack for my Digitakt but of course you can use it in your DAW or whatever sampler you have. The Digitakt only has 1GB of memory so I like to have smaller sample packs for it. This one is only about 19MB and contains some really cool lo-fi pad sounds, glitchy sounds, some organic percussion sounds like tabla, conga, etc (because I like having those types of sounds handy) it also contains a few kicks and basses though these are less important in my opinion as most people already have a ton of these sounds anyways. For the pads and melodic sounds I mostly used my Pocket Operator PO33 because it adds such a gritty quality I love the sounds I get out of it. I also use my Digitone for a few sounds. The glitchy sounds are from anywhere and everywhere, little chops from the PO33, my Soma Ehter, field recording, my Casio SK5 etc. etc. I put up a short sample on YouTube so you can get an idea of the vibe of this pack (check it out below)

44.1khz 16bit – Mono
Glitch: 36
Melodic: 26
Percussion: 18
Kicks: 6
Bass: 5
Total 91 sounds

Short Sample Video of the Sample Pack:


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