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Alesis SR18 Samples

The Alesis SR18 was released in 2004 and is still one of the most popular drum machines on the market. Its a very nice mixture of real acoustic and electronic samples covering a wide variety of genres.

I have owned this drum machine for several years and finally decided to take the time to sample every single sound. I sampled the unit through my API 3124+ pre amps directly to my RME FireFace 800 Interface. I decided to record the sample in stereo as this machine is a stereo drum machine and I wanted to maintain every nuance. I panned every drum to the center but Alesis recorded some of the real drums off-center so there is some natural panning on a few of the real drum samples.  Obviously you can sum the samples to mono if you want in your DAW or sampler, but like I said, I wanted to maintain the realism of the machine. Also there are a couple samples that sound identical and were mislabeled by Alesis but I included these samples regardless. This is a great sample pack if you’re looking to add some drum, bass and percussion sounds that not everyone has. The percussion sounds include bongos, tablas, djembes and more, 179 percussion sounds! This is  by no means a cheesy sample pack, there are some great sounds in this machine! Some of the bass sounds include mini moog and other synth bass type sounds, acoustic upright bass, electric bass, fretless bass and more.

Sample Rate: 44.1khz 16bit
Number of Samples: 569
Stereo Samples
File Size (zipped) 86MB

642 Samples Included:
Kicks: 72
Snares: 101
Hats: 91
Toms: 81
Cymbals: 66
Percussion Claps FX: 179
Bass: 50

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Alesis SR18 Samples Example Song

Individual Drum Hits


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