Casio SK1 Sample Pack


Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard (1985) - Sample Pack

This is a sample pack of all the stock tones (a single C note) that come with the Casio SK1 as well as the 9 synth tones and of course the cheesy drum beats (and fills, at 120bpm). I sampled each tone and beat through my API 3124+ pre amp into my RME Firface 800 and into Ableton.

As I'm sure you know the Casio SK1 is about as lo-fi a synth as you can possibly find, but all these tones are completely usable, add some eq and reverb and you're off to lo-fi heaven!

I'm thinking about sampling a bunch of sounds into this beast, like 808 and 909 drum sounds, maybe some gnarly pad sounds and other type stuff. Drop me a comment if this is something you would be interested in the future. Cheers! And thanks for the support!

Sample Rate: 44.1khz 16bit
Number of Samples: 40
Stereo Samples
File Size (zipped) 15MB

40 Samples Included:
Stock Tones: Piano, Trumpet, Human Voice, Pipe Organ, Brass Ensemble, Flute, Synth Drums, Jazz Organ, plus the 8 built-in synth tones as well as all the beats at 120bpm (rock, pop, swing, samba, etc etc)


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