I just finished creating a sample pack of the Yamaha PSS-270 synth. This toy synth was released in 1986 and is based on the Yamaha YM2413 chip which is a 2-operator FM synth chip. This toy synth is a preset synth containing 100 presets. This sample pack is great if you’re looking for a few oddball sounds that you won’t find anywhere else. Some of the sounds are actually very vibey, I really love the electric piano sounds, they have a groovy trip-hop kinda mojo going on! Listen to a quick little jam I did in Ableton (below) using only sounds from the pack, with a bit of reverb and delay added for flavor.

I recorded a middle C from every preset in stereo. I went through my API 3124+ preamps into my RME Fireface 800. All editing and normalizing was done in Ableton. The samples are WAV 44.1k 16bit, dry without effects.

You can download the pack here