I put together a cool little sample pack with some of my more glitchy type sounds. I use things like the Pocket Operator PO33 to get really gritty lo-fi 8-bit pad sounds and glitch as well as things like my Soma Ether and other off-the-wall methods of sound design and creation. I am influenced by artists such as Jan Jelinek, Murcof, Efdemin etc. etc. and the Digitakt is perfect for getting this sort of vibe. The pack isn’t entirely glitch. There are some traditional kicks and bass as well as percussion. A lot of the pad sounds were created using my PO33 but there are a few Digitone sounds etc in there too. Keep in mind these sample can be used on any sampler or in your DAW etc. I just made them for the Elektron Digitakt because I love making music on this powerful little box!

The Sample Pack:

44.1khz 16bit – Mono
Glitch: 36
Melodic: 26
Percussion: 18
Kicks: 6
Bass: 5
Total 91 sounds

Check out this little demo of a few of the sounds