Alesis SR18 Samples

I just finished creating a nice sample pack of my Alesis SR18 drum machine! The samples are 44.1kzh 16bit and ready for your DAW or hardware sampler. There are actually some really nice sounds in this machine. It includes kicks, snares, hats, percussion such as tabla, conga, bongos, hip hop scratches etc. It also comes with some really nice bass samples both electric, acoustic and synth basses.

Sample Pack Info:
Sample Rate: 44.1khz 16bit
Number of Samples: 569
Stereo Samples
File Size (zipped) 86MB

642 Samples Included:
Kicks: 72
Snares: 101
Hats: 91
Toms: 81
Cymbals: 66
Percussion Claps FX: 179
Bass: 50