Proteus 2000 Sample Pack for Digitakt

This is a very cool and unique Digitakt sample pack!! I sampled 90 of my favorite sounds from my late Proteus 2000 (late 90s synth/sample module) into my quirky yet beautiful Zoom SampleTrak ST-224 sampler (sampler from the late 90s). The Zoom SampleTrak ST-224 comes with 3 sample rate options HiFi 32khz, Standard 16khz and LoFi 8khz. To get a lot of character out of these sounds I sampled them in at the standard rate of 16khz which by today’s standards is SUPER lo-fi! nobody records at less than 44.1khz these days so times have changed! But man these samples sound cool! Snappy, crunchy, dark but best of all TONS of character.

I went from the Proteus 2000 straight to the Zoom SampleTrak (at 16khz) and then through my API 3124+ pre amps and into my RME interface. I then output them at 44.1khz 16 bit mono so they are ready for your Digitakt. But of course you can use these samples on any machine you want, there just .wav files after all, enjoy!

Watch the video below to get the full picture of what’s in this Digitakt sample pack and check out my other Digitakt sample packs as well!

44.1khz 16bit – Mono
Kicks: 6
Snares: 18
Toms: 8
Hats: 11
Percussion: 4
Cymbals: 2
Bass: 19
Textures/LoFi Pads:14
Misc: 7

Total 90 sounds (only 13MB of space)

Check out the video to see what this sample pack is all about